Distractions that can Hinder Spiritual Growth

Distractions that can hinder spiritual growth

This past week has been a strange one. I spent some time binge watching a TV show, visited my family for a few days and even had an incredible time with friends.  Yes, it was unquestionably a relaxing week, yet a very odd one.

Something was missing. I made little to no effort to grow spiritually.

The past few months, I made it my duty to feed my spirit daily but somehow this past week,  I chose to neglect my spiritual growth.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a similar condition in the past for a few days (or in my case, a whole week). It’s like a war between setting aside time for the things of God and the things of this world.

Toward the end of the week, I was no longer feeling at ease- the very things that seemed amusing became burdensome. I found myself so distracted as each day passed by that eventually I couldn’t help but acknowledge that something needed to be done.

I started to have this yearning within me to spend time with the Lord.

Thanks be to God that the Holy Spirit reminded me that apart from the presence of God, there is no great joy.

While I was focusing on everything else (but my relationship with the Lord), I was missing out on the things the Lord has for me.

I want to share some of the distractions that can hinder us from growing in our walk with the Lord.

Digital distraction

It’s so easy to get caught on up using our phone or laptop that we spend so much time on them. We spend multiple hours a day on the internet and probably even more hours watching television. Worst of all, we still say we don’t have time to spend with God. While the media can be used to help us grow spiritually,  we must learn when to get off social media or when to stop watching that show we love.


We may not perceive worrying as something that hinders us from drawing closer to Christ, but it is. In Matthew 6, Jesus instructs us to not worry, “ Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they”?  When we worry,  we are not trusting God fully. We are saying, Lord, I trust you, I’m just not sure If I can completely trust that You will provide all of my needs. By worrying, we are not only disobeying God, but we are attempting to control our life instead of allowing the Creator to be in control.   


In the old testament, a lot is written regarding idols. We find idols like Baal, Egyptian gods, golden calves and the list goes on. When we think of idols, we probably picture an image of a god but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. An idol is anything or anyone we put before God. If we find ourselves prioritizing that object or person more than our relationship with God, then that could be your idol. In 1 Corinthians 10:14, Paul charge us to flee from idolatry. An idol can be money, your job, your relationship, school, or even church. Every year, it’s important to sit and evaluate what you’re spending the majority of your time doing or what’s consuming your thoughts the most.

The Lord so lovingly want us to grow closer to Him but daily, we encounter so many obstacles that distract us from drawing nearer to Him.  My hope is that this post helps you to be more aware of some of the distractions that are hindering your spiritual growth.

Let’s pray:

Abba, thank you for being such a compassionate God. Even when we neglect our relationship with you, you love us still. Forgive us for allowing all these distractions to occupy our time and mind. Reveal any idol (s) we may have in our life, for we know you are a jealous God. Open our eyes to any distractions that may be hindering our walk with You. With the help of the Holy Spirit, help us to seek you above anything else. In Jesus name.

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